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August 12-16, 2021

The Data Pipeline Championship is an event in August 2021 bringing together hundreds of data engineers from around the world to compete for $10,000 in prizes.

Participants are challenged to create the most interesting datasets and data pipelines using publicly available datasets, our API partners, and the Xplenty platform.

Want to create a dataset that includes the love calculations for Chuck Norris and all of the characters from Star Wars? This is the competition for you.

At the end of the competition, the community will vote on submissions, and finalists will be judged by our panel of senior data engineers from multiple companies. Do you have what it takes? 

What is the Data Pipeline Championship?

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World Data Pipeline Champion 2021



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For those who are new to Xplenty, we’ll provide training in the week leading up to the competition on our platform works. Then, on the opening day of the event, you'll be given access to Xplenty and all of our proprietary API partners. 

Over the course of the event, you’ll be invited to create the most interesting dataset or data pipeline using Xplenty and our data partners. To submit your project, you’ll be asked to record a quick video of what you did, why it’s interesting, and how you used the Xplenty platform to build your pipelines. 

The community will then review submissions and vote on who created the most interesting dataset or data pipeline, narrowing the field to 5 finalists in each category (dataset and pipeline). At that point, our judge panel of independent senior data engineers will review all finalists and pick the winners. 

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How it Works



World Data Pipeline Champion 2021




World Data Pipeline Champion 2021



1st place: $5k

2nd place: $3k

3rd place: $1k

Community favorite: $1k

Individual awards also given out for best use of specific APIs

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API Partners 



The One API


Open Topo Data

Dictum API 

Meet a few of our expert judges

Safiya Moran


Tamás Srancsik


Casey Holston

Broughton Partners

Kevin Harrison


Nick Guebhard


Kevin Dieny


Amr Abed


Damian Grech


Aaron Maurer


Vasudha Shakya


Teri Morgan


Martin Madsen


Duncan MacLeod

NBC Universal

Sarang Kamble